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REAL ESTATE/MORTGAGE COMPANY SERVICES - Info Letter/Condo Questionnaire List of Questions

  Below is a list of the questions that will be answered in an Information Letter/Condo Questionnaire:

  1. How many units are included the project? #
  2. How many units are occupied by owners as their primary residence? #
  3. How many units are owned by off-site owners? #
  4. How many units are one (1) month or more delinquent in their assessment fees? #
  5. What is the total dollar amount of delinquent assessments due the association? $x,xxx.xx
  6. Total dollar amount held in reserves by the association. $x,xxx.xx
  7. How many units are sold and closed? #
  8. All units in the project have the same fee? True/False
  9. This unit also belongs to a master/umbrella association? True/False
  10. ALL construction and/or rehabilitation at the project been completed?  -- This includes all units, pools, clubhouse, tennis courts, and all other amenities. True/False
  11. This project contains multi-dwelling units? True/False
  12. All units in the project attached?  True/False
  13. The owners have taken control of the association?  True/False
  14. The approximate date that the project construction was completed?  mm/dd/yyyy
  15. One (1) person/entity own more than 10% of the total units?  True/False
  16. The project's legal documents allow for the project to be expanded by additional phases or by units not yet constructed?  True/False
  17. The association/project allow for daily or weekly rentals?  True/False
  18. All units are owned "fee simple" - NOT leased land?  True/False
  19. The association owns all amenities and recreational facilities debt and lien free?  True/False
  20. The project is professionally managed?  True/False
  21. There currently special assessments planned or has been a special assessment in the last two years?  True/False
  22. The association is involved in pending litigation other than relating to the collection of unpaid (past-due) assessments?  True/False
  23. Timesharing or segmented ownership allowed?  True/False
  24. There commercial usage?  True/False
  25. The Governing Documents (including Declarations and By-laws) of the Owners' Association include a "Right of First Refusal" by the Association on unit sales?  True/False
  26. The Association maintain a comprehensive general liability insurance policy with coverage of  a minimum of $1 million?  True/False
  27. The common elements / limited common elements are insured to one hundred percent (100%) of their replacement cost?  True/False
  28. Who provides the insurance for this association, including name and contact information?  Agent Name w/ Contact Info
  29. The Management Company maintain separate records and bank accounts for the associations in which it serves?  True/False

* This information is considered accurate for thirty (30) days from the date of the document.

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